April’s blocks

Good afternoon everyone.

I wanted to give you a head’s up on April’s blocks.  I will be mailing out the packets early next week.  I’ll tag you when they go out the door, but I expect on Monday or Tuesday.  I am sending out color packets. Yep, I’d like to work out a quilt that is along the lines of these paintbox quilts on this website: http://www.ohfransson.com/oh_fransson/paintbox-quilt-along.html.

So, if you have a color preference…or if you are allergic to a color (ha)…let me know, and I’ll send those preferences your way.  I’ll be sending the solids and the coordinating fabric, but of course if you have a little somethin’ something from your stash, you may add it.

and I want those of you to know I am plugging along on blocks.  Spring is so helping me to heal and move along.  My mom is getting along better and that is helping also.  However, if you want to hold my blocks hostage, until I’ve sent yours..I’m darn well good with that option!

Have a great weekend all.



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3 responses to “April’s blocks

  1. Awesome! No color issues here. The paintbox is around 80 blocks — do you want us to make multiples??

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