I was out of town and came home to three more blocks! Thanks to Cassie, Nichole, and Ellen!


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Sorry for the Delay

Hey everyone!  I sincerely apologize for being so behind on mailing out my completed blocks.  I was a little behind already, but when the flooding hit Nashville last month, everything in our basement got moved and piled up…including all of my sewing stuff and your blocks.  We dried out pretty quickly, but it has taken me a while to get the basement back in order.  Your blocks have been unearthed and I will drop them in the mail tomorrow. 

So so sorry to keep you waiting.


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Over a week behind…

…but these are on their way to Nichole — super cute pattern!

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April Blocks

Guess who’s been uploading the contents of their camera today!

These are my April blocks – a sneak peek as you won’t have seen them yet Anita.


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Blocks for Nichole

Hi Nichole,

here are the blocks all ready to be posted back to you tomorrow.

Hope you like em!

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Where did April go?

Anita, sorry these are late…they’ll be in the mail tomorrow. They were fun to make!

I know I selected a tough block for March, so if anyone needs help let me know!

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Hi Sisters! I’m starting to get all the May Blocks all put together, and hope to be sending them out next week. I chose a simple pattern that can be found here. I’m dilligently working on the blocks I am behind on, and now that my baby is 3 months old, I’m getting a little more sewing time. A few blocks I will send along with the fabrics I send out, to save on postage. The fabric is all from my stash, so all unique, and I can’t wait to see the final product. Thank you all for your patience with me getting your blocks out & I hope you are in the full swing of Spring!

A picture of my little Jillian (who will most likely end up with this quilt on her crib)




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