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I’m sorry!

I’ve been MIA for several months. It started with way to much stress and trouble with my ex, then to the problems with selling my house (it still isn’t sold) and then sick kids with the (H1N1)flu – one right after another and then I got sick. And then Christmas snuck up on me. I have October and November blocks to go out in the mail and I’m going to begin working on December’s next week. I’m sorry – please forgive. I do better from now on.



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It’s me!


I finally figured out how to work with wordpress…I feel smart now and that doesn’t happen often. So here goes. My name is Julie and I’m 44 years old and almost single again. Almost a year ago my husband decided that after 20 years together he was done being married (he decided he wanted to roll back time and be 19 again and be free to party and chase women), our divorce is almost final. The last year has been very difficult and painful…to say the least. I live in eastern Idaho. I have 11 kids (yes I gave birth to all of them), but I’ve only got 6 kids still at home. I also have 2 grandchildren and my birth Month is January.

I started quilting about two years ago. I was whining talking to my mom about wanting a new quilt for my bed, but couldn’t find one I liked that I could afford. Her answer was, “Why don’t you just make one.” What a novel idea! Only problem was that the last time I had tried the quilting craft was back in the 9th grade when I had to make pillow. Granted I got an A+, but that had been 27 years in the past and I didn’t feel like I was capable of making some nice that I’d want on my bed. Mom didn’t take my excuses, she said she’d teach me to quilt. That’s how I got started. We went to Joanns Fabric and I picked out a Eleanore Burns log cabin pattern book and then proceeded to purchase enough fabric to make a king size quilt. I’ve been hooked on quilting and buying fabric ever since. It took me quite a while to finish that log cabin quilt, longer than I thought it would – but I did finish it and it’s been on my bed since. I did a lousy job with it, but learned a lot from doing it. I started a second project, a flying geese quilt. This time I used fabric I’d bought at Walmart, at the time I thought I was getting a great deal…it was 1$ a yard. What I didn’t realize is that all fabric quality is not the same. After I finished making the geese for the quilt, my machine that had been giving me fits all through the log cabin and all through the geese – with a grinding noise and a puff of smoke it died. The death of the sewing machine brought my quilting to a screeching halt until 2 months ago when I bought a new machine. I was happy to be back creating, but made myself finish the flying geese quilt. I used as much of the cheap fabric as I could. I taught myself to stipple and have been having such a good time with my new machine.

I grew up spending lots of time crocheting and knitting. I can do some embroidery work, but not very well. I’d like to improve on that. I plan on learning to knit socks soon. This if my first quilting Bee and I’m excited about the whole thing. I’ll probably ask lots of questions. I don’t Twitter, but I do have Facebook. My blog site is new

Well that’s me. If anyone has any questions you can always ask.



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