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Ms. September with an update

Hello Hello!
I just wanted to let you know I put a photo of the blocks I received so far in our Flickr group.

Remember that there will be an applique fancy piece in the centre, in place of that plain triangle.

Click here to see.

I’m just waiting for 2 more blocks to arrive, then I can begin putting this together.  I have emailed everyone whose block I have received, so if you haven’t heard from me your block might be lost in the mail 😦  Please let me know if that is the case.

Thanks everyone,



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Well, THAT was a learning experience!

Gather around my sisters, as I tell you the story of Ms. September’s Excellent Adventure to the Post Office.

We join our heroine as she pulls into the parking lot of the main postal station in Halifax and reluctantly disembarks from her air conditioned car into the 32C heat wave. She hurriedly snaps a photo for blog fodder and hustles inside to climate controlled comfort.

There being no line up (seriously!) she sashays up to the counter.

Clerk (out loud voice): “Hello Madame, how are you today?”

Ms. Sept: (out loud chirpily) “Just great now that I’m in a cool place”.

Clerk: smiles
Clerk: (inside voice) how many times am I gonna have to hear that line today?

Ms. Sept: “I have some packets to go to the States” while pulling white envelope after white envelope from bag

Clerk: “What’s inside? Just paper or something else?”

Ms. Sept: “Fabric”

Clerk: “You need customs declaration forms then”.

Ms. Sept: “Umm, o.k.” (rats, should have said just paper)

Clerk: “How many forms do you need?” while tearing official looking labels from a very large roll

Ms. Sept: “Eleven. Um, do I hafta put the name and address on each one?” (crap)

Clerk: “Yes Ma’am” (Newbies!!)

Ms. Sept: “Um, how about I take those home and print address labels to stick on them?” (cuz thats what technology is for, to do the boring stuff so I don’t have to)

Clerk: “Weelllll, no. These are two part forms with paperless carbon.”

Ms. Sept.: “Oh.” (CRAP!!!)

Clerk: “Just go on over to that counter over there and fill these out. Do you need a pen?”

Ms. Sept: “No thank you” (this sucks. Next time say it’s just paper)

Time passes. 25 minutes, to be exact. Our heroine hand writes (really, who hand writes anymore?) both the sender and recipient addresses on each label, writes the contents, scribbles a zero for the value, ticks a few boxes, stacks the envelopes). When next she looks up there is, you guessed it, a honking big lineup. Seriously! Ms. Sept gets in line behind several people who appear to be doing their Christmas mailing extremely early. We’re talking piles of boxes as big as they are.

Time passes. 10 minutes, to be exact. Finally, our heroine is at the service counter again.

Our clerk weighs, calculates, stamps, flips, stamps again, and finally flings each envelope into a bin, to start its journey southward (except for one that is Alaska bound).

Clerk: “O.K. Ma’am, that comes to $23.21”

Ms. Sept: gulp,

So my friends, the total duration of Ms. September’s Excellent Adventure to the Post Office is 45 minutes, but a lesson well learned. From now on ya’all are getting paper from me.

Just. Paper.

The End


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Ms. September has a question

Guess who is going to swing by the post office on her way to work tomorrow?

I will give you three guesses, but the first two don’t count.


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Ms. September update

Hi everyone,
Well, I had a very productive weekend preparing fabric packets for you. Now I just need to write a little instruction booklet. The Amy Butler pattern makes an 18″ block but I’d like to have 10″ blocks, so I’m going to re-work the math.

In the meantime, let me say I really enjoyed all your introductions. What a strong, creative gaggle of quilting women we are!

There are a few introductions still to come (cough) Mama (cough) Meagan (cough) so keep watching the blog.


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The September fabric reveal

Hi everyone,
Well, we’ve learned that our sisters like instant gratification! With chants of “Show! Show! Show!” ringing in my head I have photographed my fabric choices and prepared this blog post.

But first, a little bit of the story behind choosing this fabric. It went something like this.

1. Determine pattern, namely Amy Butler’s Nigella Quilt, named after her fabric design.

2. Look at said fabric online, decide the time required to ship it to Canada so it can be cut up into pieces and shipped to 11 other places is too extensive and silly.

3. Use this as excuse to go fabric shopping locally.

4. Use excuse of “business meeting” to visit fabric shop closest to office. Find nothing suitable. Pout.

5. Use excuse of “banking errands” to visit fabric shop close to home. Find nothing. Pout even more.

6. Having exhausted the only two options for shopping locally, sigh heavily and go stash diving.

7. Spend a couple of hours flinging fabric around and shooing away dogs and cat.

8. Realize none of the groupings really work.

8. Drink wine.

9. Consult a battered, dog eared copy of de Bono’s “Lateral Thinking” book.

10. Switch from a light background with dark applique as depicted in the pattern to the reverse.

11. Grab fabrics, arrange in group, stand back, look at group with squint, cheer. Success!

May I present, your September fabrics.

We know that monitors don’t always show true colours, so I’ll tell you that these are a mix of gray, black, mauve, tan and gold. Ugh, that does not sound very appealing. These colours look better in real life.

I am going to pre-wash the fabrics this weekend and get your packets in the mail as soon as possible. I’ll let you know when they go.


PS Some of this fabric is from the Opulence line by Paula Nadelstern for Benartex.


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I made an ooops – and I have a question

Hi everyone,

What great introductions! Keep ’em coming!

Now, I have a confession to make.  There I was, minding my own business, when I had an idea. I thought – gee, I wonder what my Q sisters would think of having a different theme on the blog for each month. And what if the theme is chosen by the sister of the month. So for my month, September,  I would choose the theme, and so on.

So I went into the guts of the bog and started playing with themes. I was happily previewing various choices until I realized that we can’t give everyone the ability to set the theme, and there is no easy way to show you the choices.  So I realized it was a dumb idea and went about my business. But as I left the guts of the blog I accidentally clicked to activate the last theme I previewed, which is the one you see here. And I don’t know how to get Megan’s customized theme and header back. (Sorry Mama!)  So that’s why the blog has been redecorated. I’ll go to my room now.

Oh wait, before I go, I have a question.  I have picked out the fabric for my blocks. Do you want to see a photo of the fabric now, or do you want to be surprised when you get my packet in the mail? What say you all?

NOW I’ll go to my room.


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“Please allow me to introduce myself.”

I’m a man of wealth and taste.”

No wait, that’s not me. That’s what I want, tee hee. A man of wealth and taste that is, not Mick Jagger, who sings this lyric to open Sympathy for the Devil.

Hi everyone, I’m Dorey. Well, that is my screen name, and also the name of one of my dogs. I use a screen name to maintain the illusion of privacy on the internet.

I live in beautiful Nova Scotia, Canada. This photo shows the downtown Halifax skyline and the famous Bluenose schooner. I work in Halifax but live across the harbour in Dartmouth. My morning commute takes me across a bridge with that view. Seriously, I know how lucky I am.

I have two dogs and a young cat. I’m Canadian, 50 years old, divorced and child free by choice. I just bought a condo which is my dream home, with plenty of room for the pets and I. The main living area is open concept and has 15 foot ceilings, so that means lots of wall space for quilts!. Again, I know I’m lucky.

My work is pretty intense. I’m the Executive Director of a non-profit organization that supports family caregivers; the unpaid family members who give care to elderly parents, or to a disabled spouse, or to a child with special needs, just to name a few examples. The caregiving journey is often long and arduous, done in isolation with very little support from the health care system, so we hear many cries for help.

To deal with stress and keep myself positive, I quilt, knit, needlepoint, embroider and rug hook. Basically anything to do with fibre makes me happy! Don’t get me wrong – I love my job, and making a difference in families’ lives, but I need the creative outlet too.

Looking at the photos in the quilting groups on Flickr and reading blogs gives me great joy.

I love doing applique and embroidery by hand, so if you want any handwork on your blocks, I’m your girl!

My birthday month is November. I’m pretty much a stereotypical Scorpio.

I blog at and can be found on Flickr and on Twitter under the name of – you guessed it – DoreyR.

I have 2 sisters (and 3 brothers). We all were taught to sew but I am the only one who quilts. You can imagine how delighted I am to gain 11 new sisters. This group is going to rock, I just know it!


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