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With Heavy Heart…..

As you all know, its been a tough year in our house. We were hit multiple times this fall with the flu and now that Spring has sprung, we have been battling strep throat for two months. This is our first year of homeschooling and I’m sad to admit that I’m simply overwhelmed and stretched myself too far.

I am ashamed and embarassed to admit that I am unable to meet the obligation that I have given you lovely ladies. I have all of the fabric and patterns that were sent to me and I would love to forward them on to someone else that would like to take my place in this bee. Does anyone here know of someone that would be willing to fill my space? If not, I will gladly search out a replacement for myself.

I sincerely apologize for this. I was unprepared for how completely crazy and unorganized this year would be. ~Jessica



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Getting Caught Up

Hi!  I posted a while back about getting sick.  And the dern flu just kept coming back and back and back again!!  We were all four sick off and on from the end of August until just about two weeks ago.  We have NOT had a fun fall!

I apologize for being behind on my blocks, I hope to get that rectified here in the next few days.  However, I never received the fabric for October’s block.  I left a message on that post, but haven’t heard anything back.

Thanks for your patience!



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Piggy Piggy

It seems I’ve been KO’d by the swine!!  It got me.  My husband is completely recovered and I’m on the upswing, but my kids are just starting to show symptoms.

I received my fabrics for Sept but haven’t done anything with them other than open the envelope!  Right now my priority is to get myself caught up with household chores and get my house as sanitized as possible.  I don’t think I’ll necessarily be tardy with my blocks, but I might run behind everyone else.

Happy Sewing!!


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Allow Me to Introduce Myself…..

Carter 1st B Day 021 resize

Hi!  I’m Jessica.  This is me ~ nearly three years ago.  Its the only picture of me in “recent” history that I can stand to look at and my husband makes fun of me because this picture is posted all over the internet!  I use it as my avitar on my blog, Facebook, every web board I’m a member of, Flickr, etc….I figure, hey I’m easy to recognize, right?!

I’m 34 years old, married to my best friend and have a life I only dreamed would be possible.  I’m a native Kentuckian, but we are currently living in my husband’s stomping ground on the West Coast (about 2 hours outside of Seattle).  I’m a SAHM to our two boys ages 6 1/2 & almost 4.  My husband is a commercial airline pilot which makes me a “sometimes single” Mom.  When he’s on trips I usually put the boys to bed a wee bit early and then camp out at my sewing machine for hours at a time.  Besides quilting, my other interests are Politics, Reading, & Running.  I’m currently training for the Seattle Half Marathon in November.

I started quilting about two and a half years ago when we finalized our papers for a Chinese adoption (still waiting…).  There is a tradition in China for making a quilt for a new baby out of fabric giftd from loved ones.  I wanted our baby to have such a quilt and I was bound and determined to make it myself.  So I bought a sewing machine.  I’ve been collecting fabric for our little girl, but not being one to just wait around, I’ve decided to jump into the quilting pool with both feet.  My stash has slowly taken over my closet (there is barely any room for my clothes!) and I’m notorious for piecing tops and then never quilting them (something I hope to change this year, as I venture more into free motion quilting).

You can find me here on my blog  or here on Flickr.  I can’t wait to get this started and get to know all of you lovely ladies!!


***ETA, I forgot my birthday month ~ which is November***

carry on, now.


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