The migration has begun!

The geese have started to arrive! The first two came on the same day earlier this week:

Thanks to Sharon and Missy!

Beth (modernJax)


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April block update

Hello everyone.  Hope you all enjoyed a beautiful holiday weekend.

I wanted to let you know that your packages are zooming to various parts of the US, Canada and to the UK.

I enclosed enough fabric to make 3 sets however, I’m good with one!  I wanted to enclose more for those that wanted to do multiples.  If  you don’t feel like it…send it on back.

I wanted to try and make these a little wonky, but I don’t think there is enough fabric so please just follow the instructions here:

Take care, let me know if you have questions.

Anita (enjoying the first thunderstorm of the season–not one of my pups though, she is under the bed, poor girl)


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April’s blocks

Good afternoon everyone.

I wanted to give you a head’s up on April’s blocks.  I will be mailing out the packets early next week.  I’ll tag you when they go out the door, but I expect on Monday or Tuesday.  I am sending out color packets. Yep, I’d like to work out a quilt that is along the lines of these paintbox quilts on this website:

So, if you have a color preference…or if you are allergic to a color (ha)…let me know, and I’ll send those preferences your way.  I’ll be sending the solids and the coordinating fabric, but of course if you have a little somethin’ something from your stash, you may add it.

and I want those of you to know I am plugging along on blocks.  Spring is so helping me to heal and move along.  My mom is getting along better and that is helping also.  However, if you want to hold my blocks hostage, until I’ve sent yours..I’m darn well good with that option!

Have a great weekend all.


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Hello everyone!

I’m really looking forward to quilting with you all for the rest of your bee.  I’ve been admiring the photos on the blog, and I’m looking forward to the challenge.  Curves?!?!  Eek.  Gulp.  Ok…

I haven’t been quilting for very long – I got a sewing machine as a gift last year, and have gradually gotten more and more into it.  I started off doing quite basic things – baby quilts and the like – and I’m just starting to try out paper piecing and finding it really enjoyable.

By day I’m a radio producer for the BBC, and work on some of their comedy programmes.  I’m 32 years old, and live in London, (England).   I have a lovely boyfriend – Ned – who is learning to love craft.  Slowly, very slowly… I made him an oven glove and that seems to have started the thaw.

What else can I tell you… no kids, or pets (though I’d really love a dog, I just don’t have the space at the moment).  My friends are all having babies  though, so I’m sure I’ll be making lots of little quilts this year.

Not sure what I’ll set for you all in July… I’m playing around with little hexagons at the moment, so maybe something like that.  Whatever it is, I have promised myself I’ll make a dent in the fabric I’ve already bought before I buy any more, so it’ll probably be citrus colours.

That’s quite enough from me.   I’m very excited about joining in and looking forward to working with you

Vic x


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Please welcome Victoria

Hi everyone:

Victoria has graciously signed up to fill in for Jessica.  I hope Victoria will post a little “about herself” here shortly, but just for a sneak peak, here’s her flickr account so you can see how talented she is.

Please give Victoria a big welcome.

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With Heavy Heart…..

As you all know, its been a tough year in our house. We were hit multiple times this fall with the flu and now that Spring has sprung, we have been battling strep throat for two months. This is our first year of homeschooling and I’m sad to admit that I’m simply overwhelmed and stretched myself too far.

I am ashamed and embarassed to admit that I am unable to meet the obligation that I have given you lovely ladies. I have all of the fabric and patterns that were sent to me and I would love to forward them on to someone else that would like to take my place in this bee. Does anyone here know of someone that would be willing to fill my space? If not, I will gladly search out a replacement for myself.

I sincerely apologize for this. I was unprepared for how completely crazy and unorganized this year would be. ~Jessica


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A quick update

I wanted to let u all know that I’m working on the blocks that have been sent.  I’ve had a rough last few months.  My dad died suddenly late last year and then my mom got very very sick and as a result had two small strokes.  She is better now, but it is was rough for a while.  They both live(d) in phoenix with their partners, so dealing with this has been difficult and strenuous.

but I’m coming up for air, catching up with everything and grateful for spring which is surely right around the corner; despite the fact that we still have almost 2 feet of snow here in ames, ia on the ground.


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