Get ready…

John from Quilt Dad has graciously allowed me to use his tutorial for wonky bento-box blocks! The tutorial is here. I’m aiming for exactly the size his tutorial makes, but if you get inspired, littler ones are welcome too.

I hope hope hope I’ve cobbled enough fabric together for each of you–I had to assemble the fabrics from my stash, which seems to have dwindled recently? (I must have been really good about limiting fabric purchases as of late, which is good for the wallet and bad for this bee…)

Feel free to supplement with your own fabrics or write me and I’ll get more to you ASAP.  I’m hoping that while the fabrics might not seem to go together,  in a wonky style it will all work. People for the most part have the same fabrics, with one or two divided between half the group, as my stash allowed 🙂

Thanks so much for bearing with me, ladies, as this is less organized than I like to be.

xo- Meagan



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3 responses to “Get ready…

  1. The ability to fly by the seat of your pants is preferable to organization any day!

  2. Cassie

    I got my fabric yesterday…such a fun combination of patterns and colors. I think its going to turn out really great.

  3. Yoo Hoo! I put a photo of your block in the Flickr group.
    This was such a fun block to make. I added a few bits of my scraps. It came together so easily compared to some of the others we have been making that it was like a quilt block respite. Thanks for choosing this design.
    Cheers from still cold and frosty Nova Scotia, Canada.

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