Dangerous curves arrived at my house today! WOOH! EXCITING!

I’ve started a Flickr group for anyone who wants to post pictures of blocks. I did invite only, so let me know your Flickr member names and I will invite you!

Beth (modernJax)



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10 responses to “Flickr!

  1. My flickr name is elamb (I know, so original, right?) Thanks for making a group for us!

  2. Oohhh, I LOVE this! I’m so addicted to flickr and I think it makes fun conversation flow a little more easily! My flickr name is jessicaquilts. (not much more orignal than Ellen’s! LOL)

  3. knitngardnr

    I think that is great. My flickr name is knittinggardener. (I had to keep it all the same or I would lose my mind!)


  4. cassienm

    I have photos of my blocks sitting in my camera. This is what I need to get me to post them. My flickr name is cass331.

  5. Okay, I’ve finally signed up – flickr name: mdpete

  6. knitngardnr


    I don’t have a contact invite from you. it is knittinggardener. would you mind trying again?


  7. knitngardnr

    I went ahead and added you as a contact… perhaps we can work it from there?


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