Getting Caught Up

Hi!  I posted a while back about getting sick.  And the dern flu just kept coming back and back and back again!!  We were all four sick off and on from the end of August until just about two weeks ago.  We have NOT had a fun fall!

I apologize for being behind on my blocks, I hope to get that rectified here in the next few days.  However, I never received the fabric for October’s block.  I left a message on that post, but haven’t heard anything back.

Thanks for your patience!




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3 responses to “Getting Caught Up

  1. modernjax

    Hope you are feeling better, Jessica! My October block was late, too, so don’t feel too guilty. You aren’t the only one!

  2. I hope you’re feeling better too – there’s some nasty stuff out there this year! I had replied to your earlier comment…I have enough fabric I could send another package but with all you’ve had going on maybe you would like a break on this one? It’s completely up to you – I’ve actually only received blocks from three sisters so it must be a crazy time for everyone!

    Hope you all enjoy your Thanksgiving week!

  3. knitngardnr

    Hello! talk about getting caught up…

    I have two blocks to send out. I had a horrible october–we too got the flu, whichever one it was around here, but then mine when into bronchitis then walking pneumonia. I didn’t think I’d ever get better. and then, just when I thought I’d get better, my dad died. so, I’ve been dealing with those details and all those feelings since then. whew, I’m sure hopeful Santa is good to me… (and to my honey because he’s sure been patient, tolerant and a darn good man the last two months!)


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