Ms. October Here…

Bits of this on it’s way to all of you!


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14 responses to “Ms. October Here…

  1. OOOHHHH…love this colors! So excited!

  2. cassienm

    I have loved this line of fabric for awhile now. I absolutely love the typography and the colors. So excited to get to work with it! Great choice!

  3. meaggiepie

    Any hints about what we’ll be making with these awesome fabrics? 😉

  4. knitngardnr


    cannot wait. these are so awesome!

  5. I cannot wait to see what we will be making! Love the colors!

  6. Hi ladies! I’ve been out of town and it was so fun to come home to your excited comments – I’m glad so many of you love this line!

    Think modern. I’m wanting ‘squares within squares’ – log cabin, wonky log cabin, etc. There’s no set pattern or size I’m looking for in your blocks. They’ll be ‘floating’ in white so no need to match of seams and what not.

    Hopefully youre packages will be arriving soon, I included written instructions that contains a list of several of my favorite ‘quilting’ websites and blogs to give you an idea of what I love!

    I CANNOT wait to see what you come up with!

  7. Meagan

    I got the fabric in the mail. Instead of atoning for my sins (yom kippur) I sat there arranging fabrics in various combinations. Eventually I got back to the atoning, but the fabric *was* mesmerizing for longer than I’d like to admit 🙂

  8. Hi you guys! Just wanted to let you know I stumbled onto your blog/quilting bee today and so I added you to my Master List of Virtual Quilting Bees over here:

    You look like you have a great group! If any of you post pictures of your blocks on Flickr, make sure to join & add your pictures to our group.

  9. Hi, I’ve been sick and swamped, so I’m behind on my blocks for this bee, but I plan to get caught up shortly.
    In going through my fabrics though for all of the bee blocks I need to make (I’m in several bee’s) it occured to me that I never received my fabric for this block. Was it returned back to you by chance?
    I will go through my fabrics again to be sure, but I just wanted to touch base.

    • I have not had any fabric returned. Let me know what you’d like to do. I have enough I could send more if you’d like, but if you’re swamped, maybe you could use a break on this one. I’ve actually only received blocks from one sister so you’re not alone! I know I’ve been crazy busy this month in addition to all the sickness going around. I hope you’re feeling better!

  10. Hi Michelle! I owe you an apology. I never saw your reply here. And now I’ve discovered that I *did*, in fact, receive your fabric. It came while we were all sick and it got thrown into a box with a bunch of other paperwork that I just got around to sorting out this week. I have put your fabric in my pile of “to be completed” Bee blocks. Again, my apologies. ~Jessica

    • No problem – I’m glad it got to you! I know how it is when you’re sick. My baby has been really ill for six days now and I can’t even image how crazy I’d be if I was sick too…

      Thanks for the reply!

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