Ms. September has a question

Guess who is going to swing by the post office on her way to work tomorrow?

I will give you three guesses, but the first two don’t count.



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7 responses to “Ms. September has a question

  1. Very Exciting! Look at all those pretty little envelopes!

  2. juliejaz

    3 guess…hummmm. Me! No wait…you! We’re getting fabric soon. I can hardly wait…lol. *coughsyrupmakesmeloopycough*

    I am also going to the post office tomorrow, but I’m mailing baby clothes to my baby grand daughter.

    • meaggiepie

      I have a shopping habit when it comes to my baby niece. I can only imagine how it is as a grandmother! (OK, truth be told, have a bit of a shopping problem when it comes to myself, but it is way more manageable than when it comes to cute things for The Cute One, as she is called in the family.)

  3. modernjax

    Oh, I can’t wait to see your fabric in person!

  4. Cassie

    Yay! I’m excited to start playing with your fabrics.

  5. Meagan

    I ran downstairs three times today to see if it had arrived yet-even though rationally I knew that no postal service is that fast-alas no mail except junk mail 😦

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