OK, so it’s not as if I was thinking I would never write an intro… I was just hoping it would, you know, magically write itself. (A girl can hope, right?)

See how happy I looked before I went to law school?

See how happy I looked before I went to law school?

My name is Meagan. I’m a baby lawyer, meaning I’ve been barred for just under a year. I represent people appealing their criminal convictions to higher courts. I’m passionate about what I do, but it’s severely depressing on a daily basis. The victories are few, and even when they exist, it’s only a partial victory, because there are still shattered lives on all sides that one must reckon with.

So perhaps it was my subconscious, preparing for two years in Alabama, that led my fingers and my internet surfing, from admiring the Gee’s Bend quilts on-line to finding Jacquie’s blog. It was Jacquie’s log-cabin quilt that lit the passion in me (I’m a sucker for most things modern). As a result, I’ve been hand-sewing for about a year. My machine, which I foolishly spent $99 on at Hancock’s (instead of saving up for a “real” machine), is currently in the shop, as it can’t retain tension to save it’s life.  And I mean that literally–I have been *thisclose* to chucking it down the stairs in frustration many a time. I get it back on Friday, and here’s hoping the money I’ve plunked down to check the situation out will not result in a diagnosis of “novice user.”

Besides sewing, I love the following things:

  • cooking for others (although I, myself, try to follow the primal way of eating). Specifically, I love baking for others. Please let me know if you have gluten or other allergies, as I’ve been known to sneak baked goods into my packages;
  • my boyfriend of four years, Sage, who sadly lives thousands of miles away and whom I do not get to see nearly enough;
  • crossfit;
  • piña coladas, margaritas with top shelf tequila, really good wine;
  • yellow purses and yellow shoes (heck, the color yellow in general);
  • really good books

I’m really excited to embark on this year-long adventure with you all!

Doesn't crossfit look like FUN?!

Doesn't crossfit look like FUN?!



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8 responses to “Er…um…ah….

  1. modernjax

    Yay for modernists!

  2. Good lord Meagan, the eye candy at the top of that blog behind the “primal” link is something else! Thank you for sharing 🙂

    • meaggiepie

      Hah! Yes, Mark is quite fit, and a very very nice guy. He’s married to a woman who looks about as fit. She’s 5o or so but her body looks 20 years younger.

  3. I think we have the SAME MACHINE! I would rather hand sew than mess with Mo anyday! (His name is Maurice, because he’s a cranky old man!)

    • Meagan

      The Brother LS-590? It’s making me want to tear my hair out. A friend is getting married in less than a month, and I want to finish the quilt in time for the wedding, but I can’t even get the quilt top done!

      • Meagan

        Aha! The Brother is allegedly fixed. I can’t wait to take it home to play!

      • No, it’s a singer, but it is pretty cranky.

      • Meagan

        Well, “the Brother” and “Mo” may not be from the same factory, but cousins in cranky they are! I try to explain to the Brother that there is room for only one temperamental being in my sewing room, and that’s ME. He wasn’t listening, but hopefully the sew vac man was kind enough to straighten him out.

        🙂 Meagan

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