I made an ooops – and I have a question

Hi everyone,

What great introductions! Keep ’em coming!

Now, I have a confession to make.  There I was, minding my own business, when I had an idea. I thought – gee, I wonder what my Q sisters would think of having a different theme on the blog for each month. And what if the theme is chosen by the sister of the month. So for my month, September,  I would choose the theme, and so on.

So I went into the guts of the bog and started playing with themes. I was happily previewing various choices until I realized that we can’t give everyone the ability to set the theme, and there is no easy way to show you the choices.  So I realized it was a dumb idea and went about my business. But as I left the guts of the blog I accidentally clicked to activate the last theme I previewed, which is the one you see here. And I don’t know how to get Megan’s customized theme and header back. (Sorry Mama!)  So that’s why the blog has been redecorated. I’ll go to my room now.

Oh wait, before I go, I have a question.  I have picked out the fabric for my blocks. Do you want to see a photo of the fabric now, or do you want to be surprised when you get my packet in the mail? What say you all?

NOW I’ll go to my room.



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9 responses to “I made an ooops – and I have a question

  1. I’d be fine with either. Surprises are always good, but so is planning ahead. How’s that for an answer?

  2. meaggiepie

    Oooh oooh show show!

    Also, I’ll fix the blog. There isn’t really a good theme that I like, other than the theme I used for the last blog. I’ll investigate.

  3. meaggiepie

    OK, it should be fixed for the most part. Hopefully we can swap out the header with a pic of your beautiful September quilt, Ms. Dorey, when it is all done!

  4. modernjax

    Ooohhh….I love a surprise but I’m excited to see your choices. I vote for show now!

  5. Show, show, show!!! 😉

  6. juliejaz

    I’m not really a surprise type girl, so if given a choice then I’m picking to see the pretty fabric.

    I’m joining Michelle in the chant…Show, show show!!!

  7. Well, that’s 5 votes for instant gratification so far. One more vote and I’ll do a big reveal … tomorrow. Now it’s bedtime for me and the pets. My 5 am alarm (a.k.a. the dogs bouncing on me) comes very quickly.
    G’night Q sisters.

  8. jessicamauk

    Ok, I’ll be the fifth vote and I say “doesn’t really matter to me!” HA! How’s that for being indecisive? LOL!!

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