“Please allow me to introduce myself.”

I’m a man of wealth and taste.”

No wait, that’s not me. That’s what I want, tee hee. A man of wealth and taste that is, not Mick Jagger, who sings this lyric to open Sympathy for the Devil.

Hi everyone, I’m Dorey. Well, that is my screen name, and also the name of one of my dogs. I use a screen name to maintain the illusion of privacy on the internet.

I live in beautiful Nova Scotia, Canada. This photo shows the downtown Halifax skyline and the famous Bluenose schooner. I work in Halifax but live across the harbour in Dartmouth. My morning commute takes me across a bridge with that view. Seriously, I know how lucky I am.

I have two dogs and a young cat. I’m Canadian, 50 years old, divorced and child free by choice. I just bought a condo which is my dream home, with plenty of room for the pets and I. The main living area is open concept and has 15 foot ceilings, so that means lots of wall space for quilts!. Again, I know I’m lucky.

My work is pretty intense. I’m the Executive Director of a non-profit organization that supports family caregivers; the unpaid family members who give care to elderly parents, or to a disabled spouse, or to a child with special needs, just to name a few examples. The caregiving journey is often long and arduous, done in isolation with very little support from the health care system, so we hear many cries for help.

To deal with stress and keep myself positive, I quilt, knit, needlepoint, embroider and rug hook. Basically anything to do with fibre makes me happy! Don’t get me wrong – I love my job, and making a difference in families’ lives, but I need the creative outlet too.

Looking at the photos in the quilting groups on Flickr and reading blogs gives me great joy.

I love doing applique and embroidery by hand, so if you want any handwork on your blocks, I’m your girl!

My birthday month is November. I’m pretty much a stereotypical Scorpio.

I blog at www.doreyr.blogspot.com and can be found on Flickr and on Twitter under the name of – you guessed it – DoreyR.

I have 2 sisters (and 3 brothers). We all were taught to sew but I am the only one who quilts. You can imagine how delighted I am to gain 11 new sisters. This group is going to rock, I just know it!



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2 responses to ““Please allow me to introduce myself.”

  1. Ellen

    Wowza! You are lucky! Love the view! I’m just learning hAnd embroidery myself. I also adore appliqué! If you need help with the “bulbs” I’m here for ya babe 🙂

  2. juliejaz

    Hi Dorey,

    I can help with the embroidery…by not offering to help. My skills are so lacking. I’m hoping to get better at it though. I love the pictures, the view is awesome.

    I look forward to getting to know you.

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