Ms. December

Hi! I’m Ms. December! (I REALLYhope that doesn’t mean you picture me splayed out on the hood of a hot rod in a red bikini with a Santa hat on . . . noone needs that picture in their heads!) Here’s the real me!


pics 7-9-09 031

Ha ha . . . gotcha! My name is Ellen and I’m pretty pumped to be here!  I live in Dallas, TX, and am married to this man . . .

 superman 3

No, really. When we were dating, he made me Creme Brulee FROM SCRATCH! He’s pretty great! My birth month is March, right in the middle of spring break (as a kid, I thought God had given me a week for my birthday, I’m pretty gullible:)

 It’s hard to say how long I’ve been quilting . . . I’ve kind of been off and on for a long time.  Here’s the novel – My grandmother and her sisters started quilting in the 70s when the “handmade revolution” came along during the bicentennial.  So she’s been quilting my whole life.  Some of my fondest memories are lying under the quilt frame, listening to gossip, and watching their needles dart in and out. It was safe and cozy! In kindergarten, I had to make a project over spring break, and I decided to make a quilt. We had read a book about a kid who couldn’t take his security blanket to his first day of school, so my grandmother helped me make one like his.  It ended up some small squares that were glued together (I’ve never had much patience).  Man, I wish I could find that! In junior high, I tried again. I made a doll quilt top, a 9 patch and tulip applique.  It was hard, so I quit.  For my wedding, my grandmother quilted it for me.  I didn’t even know she had kept it.  In college, I started to hang around this group of girls, and one of them was a CRAFT GODDESS! Every semester, she decided to learn a new craft.  A couple of us got together with her once a week for Bitch & Stitch, and I really learned to quilt. My lines were never straight, as margaritas were always involved, too, but who cares? There were margaritas!  We have since broken up as we have all moved away from each other, but I’m keeping at it.  Each quilt is a little better than the one before 🙂 My sister-in-law decided she wanted to learn, so I taught her quilting and she’s teaching me knitting.  I’m pretty damn proud of my garter stitch!!!  I have a blog . . ., and have met some pretty neat people on-line (like my sisters here), and I really love the camaraderie from y’all!  I can’t wait to meet y’all!

By the way . . . this is Ralphie. She’s a BIG help with quilts:)

pics 7-9-09 001

See ya!



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4 responses to “Ms. December

  1. juliejaz

    Hi Ellen, how awesome it must be to be married to Superman. He’s got ex-ray vision, that could be fun…never mind. LOL

    I’m happy to meet you,


  2. meaggiepie

    I’m sorry, creme brule AND margaritas? Let’s take this bee offline and have it at Ellen’s house!

  3. Hi Ellen, My cat Lulu likes to help with quilting just like Ralphie.
    I think they all learn that in cat school in case they get to go live with a quilter.
    Nice to meet you!

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