Assigning Months

I’m taking sign-ups for who wants which month. If it gets to the point where someone gets a month she absolutely cannot stomach, we’ll work something out. Months in bold are still open.

  • September: Dorey
  • October: Michelle
  • November : Jessica
  • December: Ellen
  • January: Cassie
  • February
  • March: Beth
  • April: Anita
  • May: Nichole
  • June: Julie
  • July: Missy
  • August


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9 responses to “Assigning Months

  1. I can take September.

  2. cassienm

    I can do pretty much any month, but would love to get a few months under my belt before its my turn, so I would prefer to not be September or October.

  3. I’d like March if it’s still available!

  4. ellenlamb

    I can do any month, but I guess I’d rather do December since I’ll be busy with Christmas crafting then. If someone else really wants it, though, I don’t mind switching.

  5. jessicamauk

    I’ll take November. Its my birthday month and what better way to celebrate then getting squishy’s in the mail?!? LOL!!

  6. Cassie

    I looked a little bit closer at my calendar for next year and January would be delightful. But if someone else really wants or needs January, I’m happy to switch.

  7. jessicamauk

    Either way is fine…I can pretty much take any month.

  8. Anita

    I’m good for April.

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